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Vauxhall Cdti DPF Fault code P2279 Spanner light on dashboard.

Thought we should add a post for the dreaded diesel particulate filter or DPF Fault code P2279 .The DPF filter traps carbon particles, filtering exhaust gases as they pass through and, like any filter, this must be regenerated (cleaned) to restore it to full operation.

Under normal circumstances the regeneration process is carried out by the car itself when the engine management/emissions management system detects the DPF is in need of regeneration.

Diesel vehicles used mainly for short journeys do not ¬†give the system sufficient opportunity to regenerate the DPF. This results in a fault developing, indicated by the DPF / engine management fault indicator illuminating (spanner light). This is an ever popular fault and we are seeing more and more of them,the fix isn’t necessarily as bad as first thought especially our customers that come from the local Vauxhall main dealer Evans Halshaw.The most recent vehicle we have seen was a Vauxhall Zafira CDTi with the fault code P2279 no power and a hissing noise from underneath the vehicle,we recovered the vehicle from the main dealer as the quote for repair was astronomical! Unfortunately the main dealer will not try to repair this fault (removal and cleaning of DPF filter).We are able to carry out this process and the hissing noise usually escapes from the weakest point in the system (in our Zafiras case the pressure valve pipe).