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Corsa C Head Gasket replacement

This post covers the dreaded Corsa C headgasket problem .We see these all the time and have included a picture which is a good example of the work that goes into the cylinder head,it shows a cylinder head before and after reconditioning.

phpvnyHgjAMWe fully recondition the cylinder head which includes removal of valves ,replacement of valve stem oil seals,lapping in the original valves and having the cylinder face skimmed flat.During this process it becomes clear of any cracks or defects in the head it gets steam blasted clean and is refreshed with a nice coat of paint.All the gasket components are of OE quality and the head `stretch` bolts are replaced.
We often recommend timing chain,guide and tensioner replacement as this is a common problem with the Vauxhall  Corsa C.Whilst the reconditioned cylinder head is removed we remove the oil filter housing and clean all of the exposed oil ways,we also have the timing chain cover removed which exposes the sump and we can identify whether the oil pick requires removal and clean up.
Timing chain failure or excessive noise from a worn tensioner is very common on this engine and often its just a case of poor engine maintenance.
The symptoms of head gasket failure in this case were:
Oil/water emulsification sludge in the cam cover.
Emissions blowing through the water expansion bottle.
This is a very labour intensive job however if carried out right it should prolong the life of your 1.4 or 1.2 engine.The timing chain has to be set up correctly using the locking and setting tools, then engine then has a fill up of the correct specification oil in this case 5w 30.We also replace the oil pressure switch as this is another of the Corsa C`s weak points,Antifreeze/summer coolant and after bleeding the coolant system the vehicle is finished.