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Corsa C Water leaking into the foot well. Carpets and floor mats soaking wet!

corsa 11 corsa 12 corsa 10 corsa 9The reasons behind the rainwater leakage into the corsa C are a build up of leaves under the bonnet which cause the rain water to pool and the sealant used to seal a  plate between the pedals and bulkhead which is visible in the picture  becomes cracked. The water runs down behind the carpet which causes dampness inside the car , mould and  very wet carpets!This is a very labour intensive process to rectify this fault.

We remove the seats and we clean out the debris ,hoover and also leave dehumidifiers in the vehicle over night which really works well to dry the vehicle out. Some of the parts that require removal are the complete steering column,seat,trims and entire pedal assembly) when replacing the plate behind the brake servo.

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