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Corsa D ABS Fault. Pulling to the right.

This Corsa (D) ABS pump is a very common failure for all Vauxhall Corsa vehicles built between 2006 and 2014, the common fault is complete lack of braking effort to the front left brake caliper, this results in the vehicle pulling to the right side of the road during braking. This can be dangerous during emergency braking conditions as the car will swerve quite hard to the right hand side during very heavy braking.

If you have tried to diagnose the problem then you will have noticed that no brake fluid is reaching the left side front brake caliper so it is impossible to bleed the left side front brake. This problem is caused by the left front outlet within the faulty ABS pump so no amount of flushing or bleeding will solve the issue.

Replacing the ABS pump with a new one from the Vauxhall dealer is a very expensive option and you will only get a 1 year warranty on the new part.

We are now able to fully rebuild your own Corsa ABS pump for a fraction of the cost of a new unit from the dealers.

We can also supply fully remanufactured replacement units directly from stock (when available).

Both options above come with our unlimited mileage lifetime warranty* as standard.

Another variable vane turbo problem!

turboRemoved,dismantled turbo ,gave it a good clean,refitted carried out regeneration ,road test. burst EGR coolant pipe.

p0234  the turbo could be at fault as the vanes stick on the variable vane turbo causing a over boost situation,the variable vanes are part of the turbo ,there are a few issues that can cause overboost.

a split turbo pipe or intercooler
a vacuum pipe leak
a faulty or dirty boost sensor

map sensor
a worn vacuum pump

boost control solenoid

B0014 B0015 Airbag fault Vectra C

Drivers side airbag light,partially strip seat back ,rectify wiring fault and reconnect.All in a days work at London avenue garage,Northend Portsmouth PO29BT


Clear all fault codes.

Fault codes :

-0D Drivers Airbag Squid High Resistance
B0014 vauxhall   B0015 Vectra C





Insignia P2263 turbo boost system performance

005Lack of power? Limp mode? Wont go above 80MPH? This code refers to a problem with either the fuel delivery system or a malfunctioning turbocharger boost system. Both systems have a direct effect on the performance of the each other.

The turbocharger pressure sensor responds to pressure changes in the inlet manifold. The pressure changes occur based on the engine load, and turbocharger boost. The engine control module (ECM) supplies 5 V to the turbocharger pressure sensor on the 5 V reference circuit. The ECM provides an ground on the low reference circuit. The turbocharger pressure sensor provides a signal to the ECM on the signal circuit which is relative to the pressure changes in the manifold.

    1. Inspect the inlet, and the exhaust systems for leaks
    2. Disconnect boost solenoid and test vaccum at turbocharger Vane Position Control Solenoid Valve vacuum supply hose.
    3. Engine running, command the Turbocharger Vane Position to 5% with a scan tool.
    4. If vacuum systems check OK but actuator arm will not move,then turbocharger needs removal for inspection/replacement.

Wet weather!

Its that time of year again where we 
have to dry vehicles out! 
These headlights were full of water.
Removed and dried out.
All in a days work at London Avenue

Luckily we have de-humidifiers,heaters, and heat guns at the ready!

Another corsa interior leak from behind the pedal assembly!


Vauxhall Corsa D blower motor intermittently not working,not resister fault!

Just a quick add for this one.The usual heater resister is the most common fault for the Corsa D (or any of the Vauxhall models).However this is the second heater blower motor wiring loom replacement we have carried out.Customer reported intermittent loss of control of fan speed (not just number 4).Fault traced back to wiring loom.A lot of the dash has to be removed and the wiring loom feed back behind the bulk head.Fairly straight forward for us here at 031

Vauxhall Fault code P0011 Covers z16xer and z18xer

Vauxhalls z16xer and z18xer

Vectra C 1.8 petrol with intermitent logging of P0011 inlet cam phase/position

The vehicle would intermittantly loose power and log P0011

Valve timing checked with the appropriate  tools, control solenoids swapped, wiring checked from solenoid to ECU .Oil pressure checked, The fault was  traced to carbonized oil in the solenoid ports
(the Soleniod  gauze filters were becoming blocked with carbonized oil (solid)
Removed solenoids and suck out carbon.Good quality engine flush and refill with correct oil.

Vauxhall bulletin009 008 calls for the gauze filters to be removed.

Vauxhall Zafira/Meriva rear door locked with child lock on!

Fault with the rear door wiring loom on a Zafira  B series
The  external loom touches the rear door skin the wires are prone to breaking
The problem was a rear door where the central locking wires had broken and the door wouldn’t open and the child lock was on The solution was
Remove door panel from inside without opening the door.
Checked continuity from door A post to lock mechanism.
Stripped back wiring loom
Repair the broken wire and solder.(Sounds easier than it was!)


Rare Alpha Romeo 1.9 CDTi @London Avenue Garage.

The Alpha GT carries the same engine as the Vauxhall`s we know so well.This CDTi experienced not only a head gasket replacement (from over heating) but on closer inspection we found the camshaft pulley woodruff key broken inside the camshaft pulley.This vehicle experienced poor staring and misfiring.The ECU has control over the injectors , altering the pulse width – the length of time injectors are held open to provide a rich or weak mixture as needed . The fuel air mixture is constantly varied by the ECU . To do this it gets it’s information from the sensors like MAF / coolant temperature sensor etc .However if the basic timing is not aligned then the vehicle will and did experience poor starting.This vehicle had a full recondition of the cylinder head,head gasket set with cylinder head bolts,new timing belt kit,water pump,oil and filter,antifreeze and camshaft and crankshaft pulley replacement.This was all carried out at our garage in Northend Portsmouth PO29BT