Vauxhall Zafira/Vectra/Astra CDTi Swirl flap,EGR & Inlet manifold. London Avenue Garage Portsmouth PO29BT

Zafira CDTi Inlet manifold

Zafira CDTi Inlet manifold

This picture shows the broken swirl flap from a Vauxhall Zafira,the swirl flap is located on top of the manifold near the glow plugs.On removal of the manifold we found the swirl flaps completely seized.This vehicle experienced a lack of power and engine management light.Unfortunately when the Egr valve is stuck open it can allow these fumes to start coating the swirl flaps inside the inlet manifold and the first many people know about it is,either the engine managment light(EML) comes on or while doing routine maintenance they see the external swirl flap bar that connects these flaps together has fallen off.(its on top of the engine under the injection pipes)


Egr valve gums up with exhaust fumes and needs to be periodically removed and cleaned.

Vauxhall Zafira/Vectra/Astra CDTi Swirl flap,EGR & Inlet manifold. London Avenue Garage Portsmouth PO29BT

P0234 Corsa D 1.3cdti Orange Spanner light

P0234 Orange Spanner light/Mechanical fault.

Corsa D .The customer brought the vehicle in today experiencing an instant lack of power when accelerating and orange spanner light would come on this is a vehicle mechanical fault.With a boost pressure fault like the one we can see: PO234 The first thing to do is remove the actuator pipe and check operation.052 053By increasing the vacuum pressure it is quite clear to see no movement from the turbo actuator which suggests an actuator/turbo fault.This will need removing for further investigation.


Vauxhall Vectra Z18xe/Z16xe or 1600/1800cc. Snapped Timing Belt due to tensioner failure .

Cylinder head Recondition

This Picture shows the failed belt.We recommend replacement of the timing belt and tensioner with rollers and water pump.All these parts must be replaced together.

Cylinder head has been fully reconditioned with new valves (all 16) new seals ,skimmed etc.New timing belt kit along with cylinder head gaskets,bolts,oil filter,water pump etc.



Corsa D Airbag fault B0015 Drivers inner pretensioner open circuit/B0014 Side airbag open circuit

Corsa D with and airbag fault code B0015. This Corsa D failed the MOT with drivers airbag being obviously defective (Waring light on the dash).This is apparently a common fault as its not the first one we have repaired.Quite simple as all you have to do is remove the seat and solder the wires back together(open circuit meaning broken wires)the movement of the seat back and forth eventually snaps the wires.The only pitfalls with this job is the seat retaining bolts have a habit of snapping which can then cause the job to be slightly more time consuming.To rectify this fault labour time is usually 2 hours providing everything goes smoothly.

Solder Corsa D

Corsa C Water leaking into the foot well. Carpets and floor mats soaking wet!

corsa 11 corsa 12 corsa 10 corsa 9The reasons behind the rainwater leakage into the corsa C are a build up of leaves under the bonnet which cause the rain water to pool and the sealant used to seal a  plate between the pedals and bulkhead which is visible in the picture  becomes cracked. The water runs down behind the carpet which causes dampness inside the car , mould and  very wet carpets!This is a very labour intensive process to rectify this fault.

We remove the seats and we clean out the debris ,hoover and also leave dehumidifiers in the vehicle over night which really works well to dry the vehicle out. Some of the parts that require removal are the complete steering column,seat,trims and entire pedal assembly) when replacing the plate behind the brake servo.

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Corsa C Head Gasket replacement

This post covers the dreaded Corsa C headgasket problem .We see these all the time and have included a picture which is a good example of the work that goes into the cylinder head,it shows a cylinder head before and after reconditioning.

phpvnyHgjAMWe fully recondition the cylinder head which includes removal of valves ,replacement of valve stem oil seals,lapping in the original valves and having the cylinder face skimmed flat.During this process it becomes clear of any cracks or defects in the head it gets steam blasted clean and is refreshed with a nice coat of paint.All the gasket components are of OE quality and the head `stretch` bolts are replaced.
We often recommend timing chain,guide and tensioner replacement as this is a common problem with the Vauxhall  Corsa C.Whilst the reconditioned cylinder head is removed we remove the oil filter housing and clean all of the exposed oil ways,we also have the timing chain cover removed which exposes the sump and we can identify whether the oil pick requires removal and clean up.
Timing chain failure or excessive noise from a worn tensioner is very common on this engine and often its just a case of poor engine maintenance.
The symptoms of head gasket failure in this case were:
Oil/water emulsification sludge in the cam cover.
Emissions blowing through the water expansion bottle.
This is a very labour intensive job however if carried out right it should prolong the life of your 1.4 or 1.2 engine.The timing chain has to be set up correctly using the locking and setting tools, then engine then has a fill up of the correct specification oil in this case 5w 30.We also replace the oil pressure switch as this is another of the Corsa C`s weak points,Antifreeze/summer coolant and after bleeding the coolant system the vehicle is finished.

Vauxhall Cdti DPF Fault code P2279 Spanner light on dashboard.

Thought we should add a post for the dreaded diesel particulate filter or DPF Fault code P2279 .The DPF filter traps carbon particles, filtering exhaust gases as they pass through and, like any filter, this must be regenerated (cleaned) to restore it to full operation.

Under normal circumstances the regeneration process is carried out by the car itself when the engine management/emissions management system detects the DPF is in need of regeneration.

Diesel vehicles used mainly for short journeys do not  give the system sufficient opportunity to regenerate the DPF. This results in a fault developing, indicated by the DPF / engine management fault indicator illuminating (spanner light). This is an ever popular fault and we are seeing more and more of them,the fix isn’t necessarily as bad as first thought especially our customers that come from the local Vauxhall main dealer Evans Halshaw.The most recent vehicle we have seen was a Vauxhall Zafira CDTi with the fault code P2279 no power and a hissing noise from underneath the vehicle,we recovered the vehicle from the main dealer as the quote for repair was astronomical! Unfortunately the main dealer will not try to repair this fault (removal and cleaning of DPF filter).We are able to carry out this process and the hissing noise usually escapes from the weakest point in the system (in our Zafiras case the pressure valve pipe).


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