Rare Alpha Romeo 1.9 CDTi @London Avenue Garage.

The Alpha GT carries the same engine as the Vauxhall`s we know so well.This CDTi experienced not only a head gasket replacement (from over heating) but on closer inspection we found the camshaft pulley woodruff key broken inside the camshaft pulley.This vehicle experienced poor staring and misfiring.The ECU has control over the injectors , altering the pulse width – the length of time injectors are held open to provide a rich or weak mixture as needed . The fuel air mixture is constantly varied by the ECU . To do this it gets it’s information from the sensors like MAF / coolant temperature sensor etc .However if the basic timing is not aligned then the vehicle will and did experience poor starting.This vehicle had a full recondition of the cylinder head,head gasket set with cylinder head bolts,new timing belt kit,water pump,oil and filter,antifreeze and camshaft and crankshaft pulley replacement.This was all carried out at our garage in Northend Portsmouth PO29BT

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